A 66-year-old man drowned when his pickup truck was swept away by a flooded creek after days of heavy rain in southwest Missouri.

The Missouri State Water Patrol said George Burr's body was found in Beemans Creek in Anderson in McDonald County.

A witness saw Burr's car spinning in the water Tuesday after Burr tried to drive over a low-water crossing, the patrol said. Burr was hanging on the steering wheel, the witness told police.

The witness went to call for help, the patrol said. When the witness returned, Burr was missing from the vehicle, the patrol said.

Burr's body was recovered about one-quarter to one-half of a mile downstream.

In Joplin, 30 miles north of Anderson, a thunderstorm that stalled over the area Tuesday pushed Joplin Creek out of its banks, flooding streets and parking lots, stalling vehicles and forcing the evacuation of some businesses.

Joplin firefighters and police helped dozens of people get to higher ground as the torrent rose around Joplin Plaza, Vatterott College and a movie theater.

The National Weather Service station in Springfield said between 2 and 5 inches of rain fell over Joplin within a couple of hours Tuesday.

City officials said they were surveying streets and bridges for damage.