The media, of course, has a narrative that they cannot stop spewing.

On Wednesday, 300,000 people (dangerous enough to be suspicious characters to the Department of Homeland Security) gather around America with barely a traffic ticket to show for it.

Thursday, the media — undeterred — is continuing their push that this network, this audience and this host might be responsible for violence that might happen.

This time, they focused their furious google searches on locating conservative critics of me. Guess what? They're not hard to find. I hack off conservatives just as much as liberals. (Well, maybe not quite as much… but a lot.)

Today's Glenn Beck expert: Charles Johnson, a jazz musician, software programmer and writer for the blog "Little Green Footballs."

Johnson says: "I don't know if he's necessarily going to incite violence, but I do think it's irresponsible. It kind of drags down the discourse to a level that I, for one, am not comfortable with."

As evidence of this lowered discourse, he posted a video that supposedly showed a fan of mine yelling "burn the books" at a 9/12 project meeting. Only later, did someone do the two clicks of research that showed she was actually just a liberal there to make fun of the gathering.

That's not really the point. There probably are a couple of stupid people at the meetings. There always will be stupid people saying stupid things. There will always be violent people doing violent things.

But the insinuation that this network is somehow responsible or approving of anything violent is ludicrous and quite honestly a destructive attempt to silence free speech. That's something blogger Charles Johnson should know about, since he's been called an anti-Muslim bigot by most of the same people that unfairly said the same things about me.

We've come to a place where we're not even playing a game of "blame the messenger," it's a game of "blame the messenger who's specifically saying the opposite message."

That message — for the one trillionth time — is: If you are considering violence against anyone who isn't a pirate off the coast of Somalia, you are not only wrong, you are an enemy of the state and an enemy of freedom and liberty.

The Founding Fathers fought and died for our freedom so that we would have the structure available to achieve change without doing the same.

And you know that: 300,000 people peacefully gathered yesterday and honored our founders. That's why today, instead of an honest critique of the spending of Barack Obama, George W Bush and both sides of the aisle in Congress, you're getting non-stop "tea bag" jokes and accusations.

It's almost like they want to distract you from what's really important.