The mother of a Rochester, N.Y., teenager who disappeared on spring break said she has doubts about why police have already cleared a group of boys her daughter Brittanee Drexel visited the night she vanished.

Dawn Drexel tells "FOX & Friends" that she is "not really satisfied" that authorities ruled out involvement on the part of Peter Broswick and his male friends — whose Myrtle Beach hotel room Brittanee went to just before she disappeared the night of April 25.

"I'm going by what police officers are telling me, and they are going by what evidence they do have," Drexel said Wednesday. "Someone may have been watching her and may have abducted her."

Drexel thinks someone knows something about where her daughter is.

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At about 8 p.m. on April 25, Brittanee left the Bar Harbor Hotel, where she was staying with some girl friends, and headed to the nearby Blue Resort Hotel to see Broswick.

Surveillance camera footage captured 17-year-old Brittanee entering and leaving the Blue Resort lobby.

Hours later, at about 1 a.m., Broswick left Myrtle Beach to return home to Rochester. Authorities there and in Myrtle Beach have questioned him several times, but say he isn't a suspect.

Brittanee's mother finds it suspicious that he left the South Carolina resort town in the middle of the night, only hours after her daughter vanished.

Detectives believe Broswick may have been the last person to see Brittanee, a student at Gates-Chili High School in Rochester, alive.

The missing teen's boyfriend, John Grieco, said Brittanee had never told him about Broswick and the other boys.

"She didn't make me aware of that because she was friends with them and she knew that I didn't necessarily like the fact that she was hanging out with a whole group of guys," Grieco told FOX News on Tuesday.

But he doesn't think Broswick is involved in this case.

"I don't believe he had anything to do with Brittanee's disappearance," Grieco said. "I do believe there are people out there who know what happened to her."

The teen took the trip against her mom's wishes because she wanted the getaway, Drexel told FOX.

"She's 17," the girl's mother said. "She felt like she needed to get away for a little bit. She wanted to hang out with her friends. It really didn't matter [what I said]. Kids are not naive, but they don't know what's out there."

Drexel has said Brittanee suffers from depression and may have been upset because she and her husband are getting divorced. But she insists the girl would never run away.

"I know my daughter and she is not like that," Drexel told FOX. "She's not that type of person to leave her clothes behind. She is always done up and she is not going to stay in the same clothes for five days."

Brittanee has blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with blond highlights. She's 5 feet tall, weighs about 100 pounds and was last seen wearing a multi-colored shirt, black shorts and flip-flops.

Those with any information are asked to call Myrtle Beach Police at (843) 918-1300, 1-800-CRIME-TV or 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678).

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