The boyfriend of a Georgia woman who was apparently kidnapped while she was talking to him on her cell phone heard her say "Don't take me!" before their conversation was cut short.

Kristi Cornwell, a former probation officer, has been missing for a week. A man mowing his lawn Friday found her phone near where detectives believe she was out for a walk in Blairsville, Ga., when a car pulled up and she was abducted.

Newly released details about the call with her boyfriend reveal that Cornwell, 38, pleaded "Don't take me!" to her apparent captors before the connection was cut off.

Police are investigating whether her prior work as a probation officer may have factored in to her abduction.

"There's always a possibility that one of the inmates could have had a grudge," Cornwell's brother Richard Cornwell told FOX on Tuesday. "There's also a possibility that it could have been random. They don't know."

He said his sister's background as a probation officer and her criminal justice education make her well suited to deal with emergency situations.

He told FOX that some other personal items belonging to his sister were found near where she was taken, but he couldn't disclose what they were.

Detectives have interviewed Cornwell's three ex-husbands and have cleared them all of any involvement in the case, according to MyFOXAtlanta.com.

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Agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are helping in the search for the missing woman, which on Tuesday extended into Tennessee.

Teams are retracing their steps along the Union County road where Cornwell vanished, and more than 30 agents interviewed sex offenders and potential witnesses Monday, MyFOXAtlanta.com reported.

Dive crews also searched a lake near where Cornwell's phone turned up.

Cornwell's mother, brother and cousin have been making the media rounds this week from rural Blairsville in a stepped-up effort to find her.

They appeared Tuesday on FOX News Channel's "FOX & Friends" and Monday on NBC's "Today" show and ABC's "Good Morning America."

Mother Jo Ann Cornwell pleaded through tears for her daughter's release. She said Kristi's 15-year-old son also needs his mother back.

The family has set up a Web site to help find Kristi Cornwell.

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