First, thanks for your e-mails about my rather colorful choice of words on Wednesday -- it was an accident, I swear! To my surprise, my boss didn't say a WORD about it. I guess he found it amusing.

Second, the Michael Jackson case will be all over TV on Friday. Some of you will cringe (understandably). What is the deal with all of these fans and miscellaneous civil rights activists demonstrating outside the courthouse? I don't mean to “dis” them, but who really would take off from work, leave behind their kids, etc. to go hold a placard outside the courthouse for some pop singer? What is it that drives people to do this?

Third, terror expert Peter Caram surprised the heck out of me on the show by saying that the State Department was handed an international terror watch list of 300 names; and despite a request by the U.N. to add all the names to our own watch list, decided only to add 30 names.

What gives?

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