Mideast Coverage: Balancing Act

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As you might imagine, e-mails are pouring in about the war. Some e-mails are questions about the war or our coverage, some are about our correspondents in the field, some are thoughts about the war... and some, well, you decide. A viewer, who I won't name, wrote complaining that I said, "Thank you very much" to our male FOX News correspondents, but said only "Thank you" to FOX News correspondent Jennifer Griffin. I wish I had saved the e-mail, but I deleted it after opening it and reading it — others on our staff also got a chance to read it.

Incidentally, we have also gotten some e-mails from viewers complaining that I am not saying good-bye to the viewers at night (during the show we have ended the show with scenes from the war.) In the posted e-mails below you will also see that some people no longer want so much war coverage. Of course, each day we have to make a decision how much to cover on any given subject. It is not a decision that satisfies all. I guess the bottom line is this: We try our best to put on the right show for the times, but we can't please everyone all the time....

And yes, I have gotten hundreds of other e-mails, many raising important points or points that I had not thought about, which made me stop and think. I appreciate hearing from the viewers.

To those who wonder where FNC's Jennifer Griffin is — she is taking a few days with her young children and will be back to the war soon. It must be weird to go from rockets and bombs to her kids, but that is the way of life for many in Israel. Jennifer has been working around the clock for two weeks, if not longer. Jennifer and her family live full time in Israel. Note that Jennifer brought home to her children a new friend: a dog. I got an e-mail from Jennifer that her kids are thrilled with the new dog! (And yes, the dog is very lucky, too.) By the way, even though Jennifer was physically away from the fighting, she was still working. She e-mailed me about a work related matter — a story that she had been working on. If all goes well, we may air part of it tonight.

Here is a show note: If all goes as planned, we have a special trip to the Pentagon tomorrow. That's all I will tell you. You will have to guess the rest of this — and yes, you will learn tomorrow night why we went to the Pentagon.

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This caught my attention — you have to check out this Web site's pictures — a Singapore-flagged vessel is in extreme distress off the Aleutian Islands and our Coast Guard is trying to rescue the crew.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Your usual fair and balanced approach seemed to be lost during your interview with that Lebanese woman. She continually blamed Israel with no retort from you re: what Hezbollah is doing in South Lebanon arming with missiles! Are they part of the Lebanese army? I don't think so and to be fair and balanced, and realizing that she was disturbed and rightly so as her country is slowly destroyed, should be calling for the world to eliminate the terrorists. Maybe, if that had been done with U.N. Resolution 1559 six years ago, there would not be a problem now.
Robert Mandraccia MD
Bonita Springs, FL

ANSWER: Robert, did you miss the first part of our show when we interviewed the Israeli ambassador to the United States?

E-mail No. 2

I am interested as all other Americans in the Middle East situation... but your every minute/all day/every day coverage at the expense or loss of your regular scheduled shows that we want to see in their regular format is over the line. You are hurting your network.
Beaumont, TX

E-mail No. 3

First, I watch your show almost every night and think you do a great job.
Now a comment: One reason I've always liked your show is that you have a variety of stories, many of which are not covered at all or in the same depth on the other news shows. I realize the war is an important story and should be included on your show, but does it have to be the entire show every night?
I'm asking that you consider going back to having more variety in the stories that you cover.

E-mail No. 4

Is there any news out of Aruba? I hope that situation hasn't been forgotten.
Foley, AL

ANSWER: I spoke to Beth Holloway Twitty two days ago — sadly there is no news.

E-mail No. 5

There has been a break in the 5.5 year old missing person case here in Vermilion County, IL. Police have discovered Ryan Katchers' truck in the bottom of a pond at Kickapoo State Park. Ryan, 19 at the time of the disappearance, went missing in November of 2000 after he attended a party. The pond where the truck was found had been searched previously, but because of a new SONAR camera divers discovered the truck early this morning. Any coverage on this "open" case would be appreciated.

E-mail No. 6

Tell Greta not to have that newspaper editor from the Beirut newspaper on again. The reporter referred to Hezbollah as "we," so she's party to the thugs that started this mess and Israel is going to finish it.

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