Middle East Crisis: Thanks for Nothing?

I'm used to quite a bit of whining. I'm a mom, so you know what I mean. You fix chicken for dinner and the kids complain that it's chicken for the sixth time in a row — even though we had hamburgers last night. They don't like the seasoning, etc.

I felt like I was back in our kitchen while listening to some — and I stress some — of the Americans being evacuated from Lebanon. The State Department issued a warning in 2005 warning Americans against travel to Lebanon. Thousands went anyway. A law passed in 2003, specifically dealing with Americans stranded in situations like this, mandates that American citizens will reimburse the U.S. government (taxpayers) for the price of a commercial airfare if they need to be evacuated from an area. Sounds more than fair especially if they're going to an area they've been warned about.

Instead, even after the government decided to transport them for FREE, we listened to a number of Americans complaining that the boat was uncomfortable, there wasn't any food and the evacuation was not organized well enough.

Why didn't they bring food with them? The stores in Lebanon are open. Bring a pillow. No Americans were coming from bombed out homes. Anyway, it bugged me.

In Georgia, U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney may be feeling the effects of her problem in Washington, D.C., where a police officer accused her of hitting him because he asked to see her ID before letting her bypass a security check. She was expected to easily win re-election.

Instead, she is now in a runoff against a relatively unknown challenger. McKinney claims the incidents — this wasn't the first — are the result of a racial bias. Oddly, no other lawmakers of color say they've had any problems. Cindy Sheehan is campaigning for McKinney. Her opponent, former DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson, says her actions are an "embarrassment to the people of the district."

And here is the latest hot gossip from London from our fabulous SKY correspondent, Neil Sean:

— Another busy week in showbiz land London. I caught up with "Clueless" star Alicia Silverstone who was in town for the premiere of her latest movie, "Storm Breaker." She was staying at the luxury Savoy Hotel and told me she plans to stay there for at least six months when she returns later in the year. "I love the style and elegance of the whole place, and it's steeped in history, but then I am a history buff," she said.

— It gets worse for Paris Hilton here in the U.K. She has decided to dare to compare herself to icon Princess Diana. She told me, "I am a lot like her in fact, and we were both famous at a young age. I aspire to her style and think that fans will love me for my honesty."

— Diva Queen Sir Elton John is having yet another tell-all reality TV documentary made about his life by his husband, David Furnish. He told me, "I only trust David to capture the essence of what I am really like. I think that this one will show just how hard it is to maintain a career at the top. I just hope people like me in the end," he said.

— I met pop god Justin Timberlake last week in a top London hotel. He has since shocked the U.K. with his confession that he has taken drugs but "never been caught." This has not gone down well with his P.R. team who he admitted this to in a top U.K. newspaper. Justin though may have more worries in the shape of Disney — they had hoped to sign the singer/actor to "Shrek 3."

— Moving over to Timberlake's girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, I caught up with her at the Landmark Hotel. Girls take note: star power does not start with unkempt hair and a spotty face. Hence the sour-faced Miss Diaz refused to have her picture taken and went to elaborate ways to get out of the hotel — take a shower, dear. It's quicker.

— Popping along to meet Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx who are plugging their movie "Miami Vice." I have seen it and have to say it's great fun, so take heed of what the critics say. And, if you want to have a summer blockbuster of fun that does not fill your brain then this is the movie for you. Col told me he made the movie while still in rehab, so it has some difficult moments for him to watch

— Had tea with Kevin Spacey last week. The still-single man about town who likes nothing more than a late night walk in the park told me he has no plans to ditch his stint at the Old Vic theatre in London. "I am enjoying myself and love the fact I have to challenge myself as an actor. Plus, it's not that easy running a theatre as artistic director, but I really enjoy the challenge, you know," he said.

— The war between Lady and Sir Paul McCartney is heating up. He is getting back on the road, while Heather — who is not the most liked here in the U.K. — is toughing up her act too with endless posed pictures of her with daughter, Bea, on a beach in Brighton. Funny thing is they both have the same P.R. team, but one wonders if they both know that's the case — whoops!

— Hollywood starlet Demi Moore was the talk of the royal circles recently when she dared to turn up at a royal event in just jeans. She told me it was simple: "I did arrive in a stunning full length dress and it all got so much that I decided to dress down. I never knew the fuss that it would make to be honest, but I have the utmost respect for all the royals. I truly love it here in the U.K." What a gal and her last movie flopped too!

— I can exclusively reveal that Michael Jackson's U.K. record label, Gut records, are trying to lure the semi-retired rap star Eminem into recording with the troubled star. It's all very top secret right now, but Jackson hopes to set up a meeting with the star in London later in the year. Em though of course mocked Wacko in his last music video, "Just Loose It." Time to kiss and make up!

— Keep this a secret, but I hear that the celebrated actress Dame Judi Dench, soon to be seen again in the Bond movie, "Casino Royal," is about to be made into a doll. Dame Jude told me, "I am over the moon with the idea, and it prove that age is not a barrier for a doll. And let's face it, it's a face for me."

— He can bore England at premieres, but it would appear that Hugh Grant is keen to get back in front of the camera. I met him at Wimbledon last week, where he revealed he plans to, "work on my own script and get back out there." He said, "I am essentially lazy and want Richard Curtis to write a good script again, but he is taking his time so it's left up to me."

— Princess Di's ex, Major James Hewitt is, I can reveal, planning to open a string of bars both here in the U.K. and in Spain. He told me, "I think that my days as a reality TV star are over to be honest old chap and I have to get a proper job. I won't be serving but I will be getting fully involved. I have yet to think of a name." Lounge Lizard maybe?

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