Like his voice, Mick Jagger's wardrobe is still rocking after all these years.

His sexagenarian frame hasn't missed a beat when it comes to fashion. Whether it's tight shirts or jeans, Jagger never fails to impress audiences with his style.

"It doesn't matter if you're starting out or you're doing it for years," Jagger told The New York Times in Thursday's editions. "There's no point in having a huge dress-up if you're playing a 500-seat club. And if you're playing for 50,000 people, there's no point in wearing rags."

Over the decades, Jagger has donned jeans and jackets by the Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere and T-shirts by the Dior designer Hedi Slimane.

But that wasn't always the case, said Jagger, 63. Like many bands just starting out, clothes were a luxury he and his mates couldn't afford.

"We wore clothes very similar to what we wore offstage because we didn't have any money and that was the look," Jagger said.