Michigan Judge Sentences Thief to Sport 'Daddy, Don't Steal' on Arm or Hand

A Kalamazoo County circuit judge has decided the best punishment for a man found guilty of stealing should be to take his son's words to heart — and wear them on his sleeve.

Judge Pamela Lightvoet ordered 27-year-old Daniel Cleland Monday to write or tape the words "Daddy, don't steal" on his arm or hand for seven months. The idea came from Cleland's comments before sentencing, when he told the judge about his 6-year-old's sage advice.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports Lightvoet had considered sentencing Cleland to 7 months in jail on a felony charge of retail fraud. He also faces a misdemeanor retail fraud charge and has at least six previous felony convictions.

Cleland says he's trying to get out of "a really big hole." Lightvoet says it's his last chance to avoid jail.