With three boys under their roof, a Michigan couple have turned to MySpace.com in search of the missing ingredient — a baby girl.

Sherry and Karl Dittmar of suburban Detroit say they spent five years in their latest effort to conceive, so they posted a request for a baby girl on the popular Web social site.

"Dear birthmother," the posting begins. "We cannot imagine how difficult making an adoption plan for your child must be. ... Thank you for including our profile in your search for the right family to raise your baby."

The MySpace page had not drawn any offers of a baby by Tuesday but had received 400 posts in less than a week, The Detroit News reported.

"I didn't expect this," said Sherry Dittmar, a 31-year-old homemaker whose ovarian condition complicates conception. "I am a strong Christian and haven't had a bad attitude" about fertility problems. "God closed this door for a reason."

The Dittmars became guardians of two sons seven years ago. Ronald now is 11, and Joseph is 9. The couple are biological parents of Wyatt, 5, the site says.

"We would be thrilled to welcome a baby girl ... to our home," the couple's posting says. "We hope you feel our family is the right family for your child."

It was not immediately clear whether others have tried to find children for adoption on MySpace.com.