Michael Jackson's Oldest Son Was Set to Perform With Him During London Shows? | Diddy Lost His Cool Over MJ: 'I Wanted to Kiss & Hug Him' | Shia LaBeouf’s Car Accident Passenger Isabel Lucas the New Hollywood 'It' Girl?

Michael Jackson's Oldest Son Was Set to Perform With Him During London Shows?

Seeing Michael Jackson live on-stage wasn’t the only thing London ticketholders had to look forward too, apparently his 12-year-old son Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (also known as "Prince") was going to make his stage debut with his famous father during the tour.

Over the years Jackson had made an overtly conscientious effort to shield his three children from the public eye, but we’re told by his longtime family confidante and biographer Stacy Brown that MJ had been busily working behind-the-scenes with Prince Michael who was going to both sing and dance on-stage. However concert promoters AEG said they had "no knowledge" that this was going to happen.

And although Brown also said that Michael "didn’t really want to do any of the shows" he had one other important reason aside from monetary needs to go ahead with it.

"Michael really wanted his children to see him perform," said Brown, adding that he truly was dedicated to rehearsing and "up to the standard" that he always managed to deliver in the past.

Speaking of the children, on Monday Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff granted Katherine Jackson temporary guardianship of her three grandchildren although numerous insiders predict a custody battle between Ms. Jackson and the mother of the two eldest, Debbie Rowe.

"They really don’t really know their mother," added Brown. "But they know and love their grandmother so it makes sense that they be with her."

Diddy Lost His Cool Over Mj: "i Wanted To Kiss & Hug Him"

Sean "Diddy" Combs partied on over the weekend in honor of the BET Awards, but deep down the hip-hop mogul revealed he was hurting beyond words at having just lost one the world’s biggest music legends.

"You can meet President Obama, you can meet Oprah, LeBron or you can meet me," Diddy told Tarts on Saturday night. "But when you meet MJ I don't care who you are, its like all cool points go out the window. I saw him at one of my parties one time, he just showed up and it was like he bummed the whole entire party out. I couldn't keep it together around him, I wanted a picture, to kiss and hug him."

And it turns out Diddy didn’t believe in magic -- until he saw Jackson pull out those signature moves.

"His music makes me feel good, makes me dance, it was the definition of what a musical artist should be. Musical artists should make you feel something and make you feel good and entertain you and the impact he had really made me believe in magic," he added. "David Copperfield [doesn't] really make me believe in magic, but when I saw the moonwalk … "Motown 25" was life changing for me too. It changed my life, Michael Jackson was the truest definition of having your mind blown."

Shia LaBeouf’s Car Accident Passenger Isabel Lucas The New Hollywood "it" Girl?

Isabel Lucas first hit the Hollywood radar last year after briefly dating "Entourage" star Adrien Grenier and then as the passenger in Shia LaBeouf’s hand-wrenching car crash, but Pop Tarts predict the petite Australian beauty will be the next big thing following her steamy scene with LaBeouf in the new "Transformers." (She scored the coveted role on recommendation from Steven Spielberg).

So is the softly-spoken, incredibly stunning 24-year-old ready for all the attention?

"What do I need to do to be ready? I just feel so amazingly grateful for the opportunity, so if it does help career-wise then I’ll be very grateful for that too," Lucas told Tarts at the "Transformers" premiere last week. "But I don’t have any expectations, we’ll see how it goes."

Stay tuned.