The doctor being investigated in Michael Jackson's death told a court he can't afford to pay $13,000 in child support and other debts because he was forced to close his medical practice after physical threats against him and his staff, according to court documents obtained Friday.

A family court in Las Vegas set a Nov. 16 hearing to consider a recommendation that Dr. Conrad Murray be arrested for not appearing in court this month to explain the unpaid support.

A ruling on the recommendation had been expected this week, but Murray's lawyer Chris Aaron objected, saying in court documents the 56-year-old doctor didn't receive notice of the hearing.

Murray wasn't in Nevada and his mail was being forwarded to his closed office, the lawyer said.

Murray said in a signed affidavit written in the third person that "your affiant was forced to close his office because of numerous threats of physical violence to himself and his staff. Your affiant initially accepted employment from Michael Jackson with the intention of paying the instant obligation, as well as others, with the additional income."

The affidavit was notarized Oct. 15 in Los Angeles County, Calif.

Aaron said Murray never received any compensation from Jackson. The recession and media coverage of the pop singer's death also were blamed for Murray's financial problems.

It was not immediately clear whether Clark County District Attorney David Roger would fight the objection over the arrest recommendation. His office said he planned to file a response by Monday.

Roger previously said he planned to ask the state medical board to suspend Murray's license. Nevada laws allow prosecutors to go after professional licenses belonging to those behind on child support.

Murray had serious financial problems when he signed on in May at $150,000 a month to serve as Jackson's personnel physician through a series of comeback shows planned in London, according to court records.

The cardiologist owed at least $780,000 for settlements against his business, outstanding mortgage payments on his house, delinquent student loans, child support and credit cards.

An ongoing homicide investigation by Los Angeles police is focused on Murray, who told investigators he administered a powerful anesthetic to Jackson shortly before he died June 25. No charges have been filed.