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Michael Douglas Wanted to Impregnate Catherine Zeta-Jones on First Meeting

A slew of stars including Hugh Hefner, Matthew McConaughey, Annette Bening, Warren Beatty and Melanie Griffith strutted into the Sony Studios in Los Angeles last week to honor Michael Douglas as he received AFI’s 37th Annual Lifetime Achievement Award. However, the entire evening Michael barely took his eyes off his stunning wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, and it seems he made his intentions very clear the very first time they met.

"My very first impression was that he was very funny and very charming," Catherine Zeta-Jones told Tarts. "And straight away he was very direct that he wanted to be the father of my children. So that was it ..."

The two have since had two children, Dylan, 8, and Carys, 6.

Although Douglas is still clearly mesmerized by his leading lady, he was less-than-impressed when a reporter asked Zeta-Jones first of all what she was wearing.

"I’m being honored for a Lifetime Achievement Award and you ask my wife what she is wearing. Not even the second question, you ask it straight up," he said while walking away, before reluctantly being enticed back.

But according to Michael Douglas’s 92-year-old father Kirk, he didn’t want his son to even enter show business.

"For years I tried to get him out! I thought he was going to be a lawyer and I would encourage that but my son never listened to me," Kirk exclaimed. "He's too young or I'm too young for my son to have a life time achievement award. I don't know how I feel. I have mixed emotions."

Behind Closed Doors: What Skills Are Nikki Sixx Teaching Tattoo Lover Kat Von D?

While most Tinseltown twosomes are hitting up every hotspot and making the most of their famous faces, it turns out tattoo starlet Kat Von D and her "Motley Crue" man Nikki Sixx prefer to spend their private time together sharing words of wisdom.

"I've learned lots from him (Sixx), he's an amazing writer and we read a lot together so he's helped me learn stuff like that," Von D told Tarts at the recent Palm Pre-Launch event in Hollywood. "We've been really getting in photography a lot too. He has a studio that we set up and it's been really cool."

And even though Von D’s TLC shows "Miami Ink" and "LA Ink" were massive hits on the international arena, the 27-year-old doesn’t even own a television.

"I haven't owned a TV in 10 years because I think there's a lot of negativity out there so I try to stay out of politics as much as possible," she added.

Mia Farrow’s Brother Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

Mia Farrow’s brother, Patrick Farrow, was found dead in his Vermont home on Monday evening in what authorities are now treating as "suspicious." The 66-year-old sculptor was found by police after they responded to a 911 call from an unidentified female in his Castleton home.

"The victim's body is being sent to the office of the chief medical examiner for autopsy to determine cause and manner of death," Vermont State Police Lt. Timothy Oliver said in a statement issued to People.com. "The death is considered suspicious."

An autopsy has been planned to determine the exact cause of death and police are refraining from releasing additional information until it has been completed.

In a statement given to Tarts, the Farrow family said they are "grieving the tragic loss of their beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle who sadly chose to take his own life.

"They greatly appreciate the support of their friends during this difficult time."

Quote of the Day: 'Twilight' Director Likes Her Stars Getting Attacked

The world certainly seems to have been warped by the "Twilight" phenomena and according to director Catherine Hardwicke, its something she is still struggling to come to terms with.

"We never thought it would be this crazy," Hardwicke recently told Tarts. "But then Rob would be getting attacked in Mexico City and stuff like that so it really caught on in a wonderful way."

Wonderful, really? According to an inside source, security has been beefed up big-time on the set of the highly-anticipated film series but it looks as though the stars are going to require a little more of a personal posse. Pattinson was attacked by crazy fans again last week in NYC and had to be shielded by his minder.