About Michael Brown (search) of FEMA:

It's disappointing how many people wrote me to say, "So you got a good man kicked out of his job because other people didn't do their jobs. Nice going Gibson."

Look, here's a lesson in life: Sometimes you get fired. I once got fired and replaced by Wolfman Jack. It was almost an honor.

Sometimes it's because you're not doing the job, or you didn't do the job, or you have become a liability to your boss.

Brown may be a decent guy. He may have worked his heinie off, but anybody who has seen FEMA operations run smoothly in disaster relief had to know this was not a guy you wanted to take a stand over.

His performance wasn't so great, his background seemed not to fit and the way he got the job seems a bit on the snarky side. So what's the point of sticking with Brownie?

And for those Democrats who complain he wasn't really fired, just sent home. Well, that's precisely how they did it to me at the last network I was at and believe me, that was a firing.

They say he's still head of the organization. Ever heard of being kicked upstairs?

No, the Democrats want him humiliated, his face rubbed in the dirt and they want a bunch of collateral damage on George W. Bush himself.

I don't want any of that. I say just assess the situation: If a guy has to go, he goes and move on.

This thing in New Orleans is going to take decades and the changes to New Orleans are going to be permanent. Not all of the evacuees, the escapees, the refugees seeking refuge will be able to return. Some will now be Texans, Floridians and I saw some getting off the plane near Boston Friday.

That's the real problem and the peanut gallery should forget Brown and turn their attention back to the center ring where all the action is.

That's My Word.

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