Mexican immigrants hoping to cross the Mexico-U.S. border can use an illustrated guide to help them break U.S. immigration laws (search) and live in the United States illegally.

The 32-page booklet, free with popular comic books and advertised at bus stations and government offices south of the border, comes courtesy of the Mexican government.

"This is a bad idea because it encourages more people to come," said Rick Oltman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "Now they have the added incentive of the Mexican government telling them how to survive the trip."

The book's main focus seems to be instructing people on how to cross the border safely. For example, it warns Mexicans that when crossing the border, "thick clothing increases your weight when wet and makes it difficult to swim or float" and "if you cross in the desert, try to walk when the heat is not as intense."

"At end of the day, this is about the survival of individuals who we know unfortunately are perishing in desert," said Angelica Salas of the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights (search).

The guide also gives advice on how to live unobtrusively in the United States, advising illegals not to beat their wives or go to loud parties because either action may attract the attention of police.

While some studies claim illegal immigrants help the U.S. economy by providing cheap labor, others complain they cost taxpayers billions in welfare and education costs. Good or bad, they are breaking U.S. law, and the Mexican government seems to be helping them.

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