Mexico City Considers Reversing Abortion Law

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Mexico’s supreme court on Monday began debating a bid to reverse a law, which would allow abortions in the country’s capital.

Last April, Mexico City’s government legalized abortion for women who are up to three months pregnant. The country is devoutly religious.

Backed by anti-abortion groups and the Roman Catholic Church, the conservative federal government has challenged the law.

Eight out of 11 supreme court judges will be necessary for the law to be abolished. Four judges have not yet revealed how they will vote – including the court’s two female judges.

Since abortion was legalized in Mexico City, 12,262 women between the ages of 18 and 29 have had abortions in one of 12 clinics.

“That means that some 80 women per day have exercised their controversial right,” Maria Luz Estrada, spokeswoman for the Catholics for the Right to Decide organization told Agence France-Presse.

If the court reverses the law, women who do have abortions will face prison sentences of three to six months.

The vote is expected to occur later this week.

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