The view on Meredith Vieira, Eminem and Nick Nolte in the two drink minimum glow of The Foxlight.

Listen to what a laugh riot Meredith can be about hosting the daytime version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. She says she was "ordering dinner with some friends at a restaurant and one of them turned to her and said, "is that your final answer?" Ho-HO! But are you ready for he equally snappy comeback"? Vieira says she wanted to toss her cosmopolitan drink at her friend and say "no, 'this' is" her final answer. Yowzer. But, she says "it's all in good fun." Stop it, you guys are killing me.

I told you weeks ago that Eminem wouldn't do press for his highly-anticipated new film 8-Mile and now that seems to be coming true. He's reportedly involved with co-star Brittany Murphy and doesn't want to answer stupid questions. Hey Marshall, at least she can keep her mouth shut. Remember Don't Say a Word? Murphy: "I'll never tell."

Finally, Malibu cops thought Nick Nolte was drunk the other day? C'mon guys, haven't you seen his movies? That's his regular voice.