Washington, D.C., police on Tuesday interviewed a New Jersey mental patient who says he witnessed Chandra Levy's murder and knows where her body is buried.

Eric Storm, 23, a former carnival worker, told The Trentonian newspaper Sunday that the missing 24-year-old intern was killed by three hit men the night of April 29 and buried in a Washington park.

"He told us what he told The Trentonian — his story was consistent," said Somerset County (N.J.) Prosecutor Wayne Forrest to the newspaper on Tuesday. "Our detectives thought he was pretty lucid — he seems to be pretty credible. We called Washington police and they told us to drive him down the first thing in the morning."

Washington police told Fox News they are doubtful of Storm's claims, but are investigating it anyway.

Storm was picked up August 9 for driving his boss' car, which had been reported stolen. Upon being questioned, he told Trenton police about a drug ring operating out of the carnival where he worked. Police followed up on his tip and arrested 14 carnival workers the next day.

Storm, claiming he suffered post-traumatic stress from witnessing Levy's murder, subsequently entered the psychiatric facility. He told The Trentonian he had worked for the Democratic National Committee with Levy and had been in e-mail contact with her since October 1998.

Storm's former boss at the carnival, whose car Storm was driving when he was arrested August 9, was skeptical.

"What's next, Amelia Earhart?" he remarked upon being told of Storm's allegations regarding Levy.

Fox News' Rita Cosby contributed to this report