Two tow truck drivers were arrested and accused of beating up a former star of Donald Trump's TV hit "The Apprentice" (search) and her fiance, officials said.

Donald Seay, 27, and his brother, Daniel Seay, 24, were charged with aggravated battery in the June 27 incident, North Miami Beach detectives said.

Katrina Campins (search), a contestant on the NBC show, and her fiance, Ben Moss, had their car towed from a strip mall parking lot by Seay Towing (search), according to police reports and interviews.

The couple confronted Donald Seay in the lot. According to the couple's lawyer, Stuart Grossman, Seay began swearing at the couple. But Seay claimed Campins slapped him.

Campins and Moss took a cab to the towing company's lot in North Miami Beach to retrieve their car, and another fight erupted.

Aided by others, who were not identified, the Seay brothers beat Moss until he fell to the floor, the police report said.

Campins suffered a broken nose, swollen eye, and leg scrapes, while Moss needed stitches for a split lip, Grossman said.

Grossman said he has already filed a civil suit against Seay Towing.