Memories Are Short — Gratitude Shorter Still

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Two things are getting my goat today.

First, OPEC. It is all but certain to cut oil production and that means higher oil prices for us.

The other is Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who is all but saying his country and ours might go our separate ways. That the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian violence that we're not addressing has put us at a crossroads. Here's the kicker though. "Those governments that don't feel the pulse of the people and respond to it will suffer the fate of the Shah of Iran."


Is that a threat?

The White House says no and that relations between our two countries are great.

Clearly we've gone to great lengths to make sure they stay nice. But I have to tell you, my friends, things are not nice.

They are not nice. They don't flip over us. And they don't flip over us being there. Never mind we saved them from Saddam Hussein a decade ago. Memories are short. Gratitude shorter still.

We saved their butts and now we're the ones getting kicked in the butt.

They want us to pay more for their oil. They want us to bend over backwards to win more of their support.

Well, if you call what we've got now support, then I'm Shepard Smith. And news flash, I'm not!

So why are we cow-towing to people who would sooner nail us to the wall?

I'll tell you why: because we're decent, compassionate and caring. We worry more about their people than they do. And it shows, in our bombing campaigns, even in our demeanor. Yet for all this, we get this. I say, enough of this. If you don't like us, don't call us.

And the next time some crazy dictator is storming across your border, trying to make a carpet out of you don't look to us, to get you off the floor.

War is hell. Let's act like it.

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