Questionable celebrities, Melissa Rivers, Jackson Browne, Daryl Hannah and Heidi Fleiss in the obviously slow entertainment news day glow of The Foxlight.

Robin Leach hears you laughing about the new ABC show, I'm A Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here! He says he knows "it's the ideal show to take pot-shots at." Melissa Rivers isn't embarrassed at all because it's being played for charity. What does embarrass Melissa Rivers? She also says it'll let people see "there is this whole other side" to her. I'm sure it's just as scintillating. I'm a Celebrity -- Get Me Out of Here! starts Feb. 19 and runs live, 15 straight nights. I'll cancel my other plans.

Jackson Browne thinks the new movie about JFK Jr. is doing him wrong. And, he wants the TBS Superstation to stop showing it. America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story shows Kennedy rescuing Daryl Hannah after Browne allegedly beat her up. Browne's publicist says Browne has never assaulted Hannah -- and she never filed a police report. Hey, just being mentioned in that lousy movie is defamation of character.

Finally, speaking of questionable character, Heidi Fleiss' story could be made into a feature film. A producer says Fleiss has sold the rights to Paramount Pictures for an undisclosed amount of money. Was it all cash and did they just leave it on the bureau?