Megyn Kendall Reveals Her Childhood Nicknames

Gretchen Carlson did another fine job filling in for E.D. this Thursday and she quickly informed me that she shaved her legs, which was my first indication that there would be little friction between us.

No friction, but fiction as former Defense Secretary William Cohen joined us with news on his new book and a bleak assessment on the chances diplomacy has when it comes to Iran. During the break, Cohen indicated that he does often miss being in government.

The most pleasant surprise guest had to be MY Network TV's Joe Tabb of "Desire." The new series looks great and Joe was a riot — I love the format of running for five straight days.

We managed to have more fun with that Megyn Kendall. Wednesday, we learned she had two nicknames growing up and today we learned them: "Tigger Montague" and "Magnetta." Steve asked viewers to offer their own Megyn nicknames and leading the pack, "Snuggle Bunny" and "Lady Hawk." Megyn has not embraced either — go figure — but I am sure she appreciates the support.

Don't miss tomorrow's show as we are joined by Chris Evert and hopefully Molly Henneberg, because Molly has a great sports story as does Ms. Evert. Come visit us in person, because it's FOX Fan Friday and — barring breaking news — you'll get great free stuff!

Thanks for keeping us No. 1!


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