Sounds crazy, but its true. Megan Fox was honored in style on Tuesday night as one of GQ Magazine's "Men of the Year" (and the only female) alongside Hollywood hotties including Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Eckhart and Jason Statham. So how did her real life beau Brian Austin-Green feel about his woman’s interesting accolade?

"She is one hell of a man, Megan Fox, he covers all of it. She’s honored for everything. She should be," the star of "Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles" told Tarts with a smile, adding that there was no hard feelings that he missed out on making the GQ cut. (Oh, and for the record, the original "90210" cast member hasn’t seen a single episode of the current remake and prefers just to well, "leave it alone.")

And despite reports that the romance between Green and Fox has been sliding ever since the "Transformers" sensation called off their engagement earlier this year, the two looked more than lovey-dovey than ever. The genetically-blessed duo strolled through the party (unable to keep their hands off each other) and hung out by the bar with "Mad Man" Jon Hamm.

But Green might want to keep his eye on GQ honoree and Disney divo, Zac Efron.

"Zac Efron is my obsession, we’re the same person," Fox told Tarts. "We’re not actually here, it’s like Janet and Michael. He just puts on his wig and a dress, and it’s me, and you don’t know that. It’s the greatest mystery of all time."

What the?

More Men Than Women Turn Out to See Usher Strip

So much for Usher’s "Ladies Only Tour." It seems just as many men as women have a thing for the hip-hop hottie judging by the gender count at his intimate L.A concert at Club Nokia, Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Usher Raymond certainly impressed as he pulled out classics as well as new hits for the sold-out venue, and lived up to his reputation as the ultimate entertainer.

But we all got a little extra bang for our buck. Usher removed some clothes in a drawn-out, choreographed strip-tease. The "Love in this Club" crooner got his groove on with one of his stunning female dancers who somehow found herself poised in the 30-year-old’s lap in just a bra and panties after frolicking on one of the few stage props - how convenient, a bed.

The former teen idol is now married with a child, with another on the way, so Usher managed to stay in control and kept the show pretty clean. But that definitely didn’t stop a long line of scantily-clothed ladies lining up around the club afterwards in an attempt to get even closer to the sexy singer…

Peeved at PETA: Olsen's Rewarded With Free Fur

PETA has hit the headlines several times in the last month due to their protests against fur-fashionistas the Olsen twins. But it looks as though their campaign to combat the wearing of animal furs may have had a counter effect.

After Tarts wrote about the protest outside Westwood Borders last week while the former "Full House" gals were promoting their new coffee-table tome "Influence," Pop Tarts received word from a leading Alaskan Fur Company that they were so weary of the Animal Rights activists and their antics that they launched their own bid to actually keep the Olsen's in animal-skin clothes by sending them a supply of furs.

"The Fur Industry is highly regulated and no endangered species are taken. It is a renewable and recyclable resource," argued Elaine Eads, owner of Whitestone Furs Alaska. Eads added that just this week the company sent the twins some native accessories as an "encouragement from the people of Alaska to continue wearing beautiful furs".

PETA’s response to the slap in the face?

"Furriers are so desperate, they’re even giving it away," said a rep for the organization. "Rather than dumping their coats on two of Hollywood’s richest women, we encourage the furrier to do what PETA does with unwanted furs: donate them to the homeless, who are the only people with any excuse for wearing fur."

John Mayer & Queen Latifah Fight For "God Save the Queen"

John Mayer did his little bit for charity last Thursday by hitting up Grey Goose’s Keep a Child Alive Black Ball in the Big Apple. Sans Jennifer Aniston, Mayer exercised his more immature side by pretending to steal bottles from the VIP bar to entertain a bunch of amused onlookers, but turned serious when it came to bidding for a Jamie Reed-signed God Save the Queen portrait.

We’re told the musician was desperate to take home the artwork - just one problem, Queen Latifah also had her sights set and neither would budge. Apparently the gridlocked biding war went on for most of the night before the stars finally called it truce and each laid $100,000 on the table and agreed to share. Awww.

We’re told the obviously reformed ladies man Mr. Mayer went out of his way to avoid being seen or snapped with any young hotties at the posh party so to avoid any potential problems with his current squeeze. Infact the "Say" singer made a sudden escape towards the end of evening to meet up with his gal for a dinner date at cozy diner, La Esquina.

"They just kept looking at each other and smiling," said an eyewitness. "They look totally smitten."

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