The Top 9 turned Top 8 on "American Idol" this week as Megan Corkery’s Top Download performance fell flat.

Megan’s exit came as a surprise to absolutely no one, including Megan, who went all Jerry McGuire on everyone and told Simon she “didn’t care” about his opinion, before even hearing the results.

A half an hour later we were listening to “Home Sweet Home” and reminiscing about Megan’s “journey” on "American Idol." But what was way more interesting was her journey to the bottom three.

Unlike most people who mope on over to the dreaded stools, Megan opted instead to flap her arms and loudly squawk as she made her way across the stage. The move was probably meant to be reminiscent of her performance of “Rockin' Robin,” a few weeks ago when she cawed at the end. Sadly the strange sounds and body movements just ended up being reminiscent of all her performances.

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Still, even with all the antics and bizarre facial expressions, Megan seemed tame compared to Lady Gaga. The 23-year-old pop star came out looking like a drag queen from outer space, playing a clear piano filled with pink bubbles. And all I could think was how much more exciting Scott MacIntyre’s performances would be if he did the same.

Unlike Lady Gaga, reigning "Idol" David Cook skipped the alien outfit, opting instead to dress like Ryan Seacrest. But David didn’t need any white wigs or zipper eye patches to keep things exciting. He just strummed on his guitar — sans bubbles — and sang his new single “Come Back to Me” like a champ.

Though I wonder if "Idol" brought out their big guns too soon. We’ve already seen Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood perform. Now we have David Cook?

Following those three will be a tough burden to bear, one I hope Chris Daughtry attempts, but one I know the Top 8 will have to brave as they take on songs from their birth years next week.

Megan however has dodged that bullet as she heads home; no Renee Zellwegger, no goldfish, just the memory of a snarky Simon saying, “Just as you don’t care – nor do we,” and an army of fans who carried her this far that will surely do everything in their power to prove him wrong.