Meet the Mayor Who Hates You

So Mayor Bloomberg proves once again that you don't have to be smart to be rich.

First, on Monday he speculated on who left that Time Square car bomb. He was assisted by our national elf, Katie Couric.

Yep, those folks are so angry at health care reform that they're setting off car bombs. You know, when they're not running hardware stores or cheating at cards with their grandkids.

Anyway, if you thought Bloomy couldn't get any dumber, well, you're wrong people who thought Bloomy couldn't get any dumber.

Yep, only hours after the arrest of Faisal Shahzad — not a Tea Partier... I think! — Bloomy tries to calm our biggest concern: the threat of backlash.

I know, that worried me, too!

God help me.

Look, I get why he said this. He said this so he can say that he said this.

But look, the concept of backlash is one of the most exaggerated BS ideas known to man. The mention of backlash, in my mind, must outnumber the actual incidents of backlash by about 3,000 to one.

Remember all that 9/11 backlash around Manhattan?

Yeah, neither do I.

Seriously, I wish I knew what incidents Bloomy bases his conclusions on. It's infuriating to see breath and effort wasted on this PC drivel, when it should be focused only on condemning cretins who want to kill all of us.

Worse, it's insulting to all Americans, Muslims included.

First Bloomy suggests the car bomber is an American wacko, then he assumes Yanks are going to lynch innocent folks.

Crap, how can a man who has done so well in this country think our country sucks so bad? He loves running our lives, even as he hates those who live them.

Perhaps he's a secret Tea Partier!

And if you disagree with me, then you're a racist homophobe backlasher.

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