I am a self-proclaimed, self-help junkie. Reikki, hot stone massage, quantum energetics, body talk, tarot cards, astrology, palm interpretations — I’ve tried them all, fully buying into each process with all my heart, soul, and life energy.

I’ve done my research, enjoying every minute of it. But downward dogs to doughnuts, for me one self-help practice stands out. Meditation. But not just any meditation. The kind I'm talking about has been called "meditation on steroids" and has completely changed my life. Developed by Bill Harris, it's called Holosync, which is a relatively unknown audio technology that I truly believe is responsible for magical improvements in both my life and my business. All forms of meditation promote relaxation and greater awareness but if there is anything close to a cure-all in this world, Holosync is it.

Holosync CDs contain mismatched tonal frequencies. Pumped into your ears through a headset, these tones (pleasantly masked by music and environmental sounds) force your brain to sync them, effecting changes in your neural connectors. As your brain shifts, you go through periods of chaos such as short stints of mild depression, anger, resentment, and hyper activity. While temporarily unsettling, are all indications that you're headed towards positive, permanent change and a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment.

While meditation has been proven again and again to greatly enhance mental and emotional health, I never understood the lasting changes it can have until I tried the Holosync method. I am a better person, happier and far less stressed than I was, and running a successful business with passion and motivation. Along with this, I balance love for my family, fun with friends, and a daily yoga session. My friends describe me as more focused, less distracted, and not nearly as addicted to my BlackBerry as I use to be. My family would say I am more “in tune” to them, resulting in happier, healthier relationships for us all.

You too can have it all if you're willing to take the “dive” which is the name of the first meditation soundtrack. There are 12 levels and I am currently on level 3, still feeling the magic, determined to make it until the end. I have, for the first time in my life, started manifesting my dreams. I have a whole new understanding of the world and an awareness of my place within it. To explain too deeply the profound effects of this practice will not do it justice. You can check out Bill’s Web site for yourself and order your first level - Awakening Prologue. Not ready for the intensity? You are only fooling yourself and delaying greater peace, happiness and success in every aspect of your life. If you're still on the fence buy Bill's book first: Thresholds of the Mind for an explanation of how this amazing technology works and how it will change the core of your life for the better, forever.

Hooked? That’s an understatement. Happy? That’s an understatement. Trust me, there is no turning back once you get started. This is not a hoax, a joke or a sales pitch, and while it may sound as though I’ve gone off the deep end, consider that I live a pretty normal life with long-lasting relationships and a successful business. I exercise regularly and still maintain my interests in fashion, travel, and really yummy food. But the little things that used to set me off are not nearly as stressful or intense, leaving me more mental and emotional space for the things that matter and the love we are all here for.

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