Remember back in April when Barack Obama said rural folks cling to religion and guns out of anger and bitterness? What he had expressed was an honest sentiment all liberals feel about the rest of America: That it's full of gap-toothed hicks always looking for someone to hang or a stepdaughter to bang.

No biggie, the left has always painted middle America as an angry pile of hate. But oh, how times have changed.

This month, we've seen a realignment of the anger states and the coasts are roasting in it. The rural types may cling to guns and religion, but because of Sarah Palin, their elitist adversaries are now clinging to their yoga mats and wheat grass shots.

Now more than ever, the stereotype of the narrow-minded reactionary better fits its accuser, as everyone from Margaret Cho and Chevy Chase to Woody Allen and Sandra Bernhard are digging into Palin like a bowl of macrobiotic couscous.

The only difference is that the media lets this new rage off the hook.

Last week I talked about how Bernhard said her "big black brothers" would gang rape Sarah Palin. Since then, what's happened to Sandra? Has the media torn her a new one the way it would have if she were a white male comic attacking Obama?


This twisted amalgam of collagen and bone said the most racist, misogynistic thing you could possibly say and still no word from Whoopi.

Here's why: She's a feminist. She's a liberal. She's a lesbian. So she's protected. She's one of "them": The edgy lefty whose anger is glorified as speaking truth to power, even if it's hateful nonsense she's spewing to her friends.

I tell you, Don Imus must be rolling in his grave.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir, are worse than Hitler.

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