Two women are in the news today: Janeane Garofalo, for refusing to apologize after calling every single tea party protestor racist, and of course, Carrie Prejean, again, for answering a question honestly about her religious convictions.

Now Janeane was approached by FOX News' own perversely handsome Griff Jenkins, who had asked her if she regretted her reverse racism. To her strange, delusional credit, she stood by her original comments: that every tea party protestor hates black people.

Meanwhile, Prejean continues to be hounded over semi nude pictures — pictures I might add, that offer undeniable proof that God is a dude and he totally exists. Seriously, I am so going to church on Sunday.

Now, according to Griff, Janeane is so scared of conservatives that she confessed to cutting out chunks of her hair. Which is weird, because other than FOX News, no one in the media seems to question her comments. Garofalo, really has nothing to worry about. She's only slightly less objective than a CNN reporter.

Now I ask you: of the two, which one is uglier?

Is it the one who answered a question — rightly or wrongly — based on her religious convictions about the "opposite marriage?" Or is it the woman who, not off the cuff, stereotyped an entire group of people based on the fact they don't want their taxes raised?

The point is, the media excuses Garofalo's ugliness, because they agree with it. The witch hunt against Carrie exists only because it carries a stamp of overwhelming approval by the media.

You can't get much uglier than that. And yes, I'm including my prom photos.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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