Media Matters vs. Bill O'Reilly

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George Soros is after Bill O'Reilly, and he's enlisted the help of CNN and NBC.

This is the fabricated flap over some benign remarks Bill made on his radio show. But it has been turned on its ear by George Soros' Media Matters, a Web site that was funded by Soros and is dedicated to discrediting conservatives and folks like Bill who don't toe the Soros line. They do this by the purposeful misinterpretation of one's words.

It isn't just Bill. Media Matters has done it to me, too.

NBC News has been using Media Matters as a script service for some time now, with certain anchors over there just lifting misinterpretations wholesale from the Web site and sending the Media Matters words directly to the teleprompter.

Yeah, great journalism at a place with names like Russert and Williams. And now CNN has joined in.

Why? O'Reilly is the big kahuna of cable news, and neither of those networks can break out of tenth place in a three-network race unless they bring him down.

Remember the name Soros. His Open Society Institute has just released its 2006 report on the way it has spent Soros' money: $74 million this year.

Did you know that in addition to funding groups to try to kneecap Bill O'Reilly and me, Soros' stooges have also cut a $720,000 check to the so-called NASA whistleblower who claimed the U.S. government was covering up global warming?

The Investor's Business Daily has outlined all of this in a series of recent editorials after checking the records. Soros money has also funded lawyers to defeat President Bush on his efforts to track terrorists' cell phone calls and matching airline passenger lists with names of known terrorists.

As the IBD asked its readers: Do you feel safer now that you live in Soros' world? I would think not.

I also think you would want to think about the way George Soros has funneled his millions into the bank accounts of groups dedicated to sliming and destroying people. Soros' money is behind, too, and you've seen what they do.

Soros doesn't like Bill and Soros doesn't like me. I can't speak for Bill, but as for myself I am proud to be on the Soros hit list.

As for NBC and CNN, they should be embarrassed. It's the real journalists inside those two places that need to stand up and revolt.

That's My Word.

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