Nancy Pelosi couldn't be more clear. These tea party protests couldn't have been more a waste of time.

Rich folks whining so she wouldn't be obliging. So she wouldn't. She didn’t. She came not to a one in her native California.

I went across the country to see what the heck was going on in her native California.

I didn't see rich folks whining. I saw just average folks protesting. Look at these folks. I want you to look at them very, very closely.

Do they look like the Grey Poupon crowd? Not the dude in the jacket; the guy talking to them. Or do they look... Well, like you? Folks with bills to pay increasingly concerned about a nation amassing bills it can never pay? Folks who were as angry at a president named Bush for rescuing banks he shouldn't have, to a president named Obama for not stopping those rescues when he should have?

It's easy for we in the media to dismiss those who are our audience. We trivialize their concerns, and relegate their rumblings to mere rants.

Folks hot and bothered, the media cool and indifferent. Missing the heat, failing to be bothered. Until the rage hits a pitch. And the protests become the point.

It'll happen. They'll be late. Like they were late to a cause pushed by a guy named Howard. Deemed by the press at the time as a loony millionaire whining about high property taxes at the time.

They might have found Howard Jarvis revolting; which explains why they missed his revolt, trying to catch up, long after Howard and something called Proposition 13 caught on.

Such is the history of fringe causes. The media eventually, eventually covers them. If only to cover something else: their ass.

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