Media Blitz

The president really seems to be getting into these Q&A sessions lately! As part of a media blitz, he's been giving speech after speech. Wednesday’s was in Wheeling, W. Va. After each speech, he fields questions from the audience and, like the past couple days, Wednesday's post-speech period was lively and long. Forty minutes or thereabouts which may not seem too bad to you, but when you're sitting in a studio with an audience waiting for a show to start – in this case, “DaySide” — it can seem quite lengthy.

Once again, I'm writing this from home Wednesday evening, sweats on and pizza en route. Blissful, were it not for the fact that I don't have access to the “DaySide” e-mails, so I can't put your comments in the blog today. Again, not too smooth when it comes to computers.

Check in Thursday for reaction on stories about the sexpot teacher who should be counting her creepy little blessings for not being thrown in prison. She took advantage of a child, her student, yet because the kid’s mom doesn't want the boy to testify, ol' teach is on easy street. Pardon the pun.

We meant to do it Wednesday, but because of the speech, Mike and I were short on time for an apology to the young man who flew 1000-plus feet thanks to an F2 tornado. Quite a few of you took us to task for laughing during the interview Tuesday. Later that day in this blog, I explained the fact that we were laughing (more like I WAS laughing) at an incredibly horrific slip of the tongue (made of course by me) during the interview. Anyway, Mike and I wanted to say sorry for getting so carried away by the fact that the guy was picked up inside a tornado (!!!) and hurled across town (!!!) that we overlooked the anxiety this must have caused him and his loved ones. We both felt it necessary to reiterate how sorry we are for making light of what must have been a horrifying ordeal.

On a much lighter note, we had the family from South Carolina in studio — the ones who saw their house cat – Piper — drop 80-feet down from a tree. Cat survived. Family was freaked out, but fine. Piper didn't sustain any real injuries, which is amazing considering what we saw in the video. Although my – ahem, ahem — friend "Lion Man" says it's all about the ligaments and the joints... or something like that.

I'm going to run, but before I do, a reminder: Please, if you're in the area, come by and see the show. You'll get a firsthand look at how the cable news biz works. You never know what celeb, politico or newsmaker is going to pop in. And watching Mike Jerrick mutter expletives and innuendo under his breath is always entertaining.

Also, if you're not nursing a hangover or at church — tune into “FOX & Friends Weekend” this Sunday. I’ll be hanging out with Julian, filling in for the lovely Kiran Chetry. And please watch Saturday morning as well. My great buddy Rebecca Gomez from FNC's business realm is going to be filling in for the first time on “FOX & Friends.” I think she's going to do a fantastic job. Rebecca has such a vibrant personality, and a great sense of humor — perfect for the morning show.

So see you Thursday and Sunday!


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