McMahon Writes Carson Memoir

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Ed McMahon (search), the longtime sidekick of "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson (search), is writing a memoir, titled, of course, "Here's Johnny!"

"The stories he shares, with Johnny's blessing given before his death, paint a picture of the enigmatic Carson, so cool before the camera, yet genuinely shy and self-effacing," according to a statement issued Wednesday by McMahon's publisher, Rutledge Hill Press (search).

"McMahon recognized Carson's gift early in their partnership and felt blessed to 'hitch his wagon' to this rising star. These never-before-told stories reveal Carson's talent and comedic timing as well as his nervousness, admitting `making it look easy is a hell of a strain."'

McMahon's book is scheduled to come out in October.

Carson died in January at age 79.