McDonald's Sees the Legal Light

Let me ask you something: Do you read food labels?

I remember a friend of mine who was a top executive at a major grocery chain said women do. Men don't.

Which makes me think McDonald's (search) could be losing a lot of women customers. That's because pretty soon, the world's biggest fast food restaurant will be spelling out what you're gobbling up there.

Not only will you be able to order a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but you'll see in black-and-white that it has 730 calories. Which just might give you pause and just might have you putting it down.

Trouble is, by that time, you've already ordered it.

So I guess the issue for McDonald's is whether, a) You still eat it, or b) You ever order it again.

Women, and moms, in particular, are the big worry for Mickey Ds — they read this stuff.

Guys? Apparently not nearly as much. Even when the artery-choking facts are as plain as the onions, pickles and special sauce on that bun... we don't care. We just opt for bigger buns and get bigger buns. And when we're done, we've got bigger buns.

Which has me wondering about this whole label thing itself. Who in their right mind goes into a McDonald's to check out the labels and eat healthy anyway?

I know they have salads. But let's face it, this isn't a trip to the health food store.

No matter, McDonald's has seen the legal light: Better to warn customers what they're eating than to face a ridiculous lawsuit once they have.

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