Mayor Not Sorry He Shot and Killed Neighbor's Dogs

The mayor of a Kansas town says he has no regrets, even though he faces charges after shooting and killing a neighbor's dogs with a high-powered rifle.

Don Call, mayor of McCune, Kan., said he told his neighbor on Jan. 12 that if the dogs were found running loose in town again, he would shoot them, Fox 4 in Kansas City reported.

Kim Gomez, his brother Joshua and their parents called the mayor after they say the dogs attacked.

"They were ripping through the screen trying to get to us," Joshua Gomez told Fox 4.

The mayor said the dogs were still loose when he found them. "They was lying on the sidewalk on the front of the house," he said. "I shot them with a 9mm rifle ... five or six times."

"I believe the mayor was justified, yes, wholeheartedly," Kim Gomez told Fox 4.

Meanwhile, the dog's owner, Duane Wahl, said his dogs never bothered anyone and that they were chained when the mayor drove up and shot them from his car window.

"They weren't vicious dogs. They don't bite people," he told Fox 4.

"Just not right to do it, I mean they were in my yard, you can see the blood. I mean they were right here in my yard."

Local authorities say Call will be charged with two counts of animal cruelty and one count of illegal discharge of a weapon.

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