Little more than a week ago, we didn't even know them. Now, we can't seem to get enough of them.

One, a modest Scottish woman with an amazing voice. The other, a modest merchant ship captain with an amazing heart. Susan Boyle can't fathom her sudden fame. Captain Richard Phillips can't seem to understand it.

Susan blessed with a voice few knew before. But everyone knows now. The captain blessed with a backbone few appreciated before. But everyone craves now.

An unlikely pair emerging at an unlikely time to emerge unlikely heroes. Yet the unmarried, unemployed Scottish cat-lover is a sensation for belting out, "I Dreamed a Dream." And the unassuming ship captain, for having it out and telling Somali pirates, "I say, you take me."

The captain put his crew ahead of himself. The cat-lover often overlooked animals ahead of herself. Gentle souls for whom this introduction onto the world stage must seem anything but.

I'm sure the captain and the cat-lover are amazed by all the fuss. Maybe because neither ever seemed to seek out the fuss. Yet now, all this fuss. Parades for a captain. Likely record contracts for a cat lover. And relief, maybe for us.

From folks you might not suspect, and places you might not know. An obscure Scottish village. A tiny Vermont town.

That's the thing about heroes. They come out of nowhere.

Until we start looking around and discover, you know what? Maybe, maybe they're everywhere.

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