President Obama seems to be really unhappy with Fox News and has added us to his enemies list, which includes just about everyone who disagrees with his policies. He is taking this very personally and seems to be so stressed because not everyone has a tingle going up his leg when he talks.

Now, at the risk of offending some of my wonderful colleagues here at Fox News, I want to express some concern for the president -- even though he isn't expressing any for Fox News.

This executive job seems to have him frazzled and angry, but we need to go easy on him; after all, he's never done this kind of work before. He's never run a state or a private company or, best we can tell, even a Sno-Cone stand, so running the whole country is a big leap from community organizing and campaigning for public office.

The president ought to relax a bit more -- you know, play some golf. But oh, that's right, he already does that, pretty much every week.

Maybe he ought to spend more time with his wife. Oh, you know, good for him, he's doing that, too — even flying up to New York City on Air Force One for a date night and taking in a show and dinner.

Maybe kicking back with some buddies would help? But then, he's done that "beer summit" thing with the cop and the professor.

I'm sure it gets lonely in the White House at night, all shut up in there with nothing to do. But wait, he's been hosting a bunch of parties and dinners, so that can't be it.

Maybe he's mad at Fox News because we keep reminding him of all those promises he made and forgot to keep — like having a transparent government and putting the health care discussions with all the stakeholders on C-SPAN, but then holding the meetings behind closed doors. Or the promise that he wouldn't have a bunch of lobbyists running his government, but dangit, that's about all he does have running his government.

We have been kind of tacky in running those clips where he promised he'd put bills on the Internet for five days before his signed them; promised that he'd do whatever it took to win in Afghanistan; promised that if he got that big fat porkulus bill passed, we'd save the economy and keep unemployment under eight percent; promised to close Gitmo; promised to be post-partisan and inclusive in all his policies and decisions.

But Fox News didn't make those promises, President Obama did.

Maybe he's feeling a bit guilty about all the stuff he promised to do and then didn't and we keep bringing it up. If that's the case, there's only one thing that will help and Fox News can't fix it: Maybe he just needs to accept responsibility for his own speeches and if he can't do everything he promised, then just say so.

That's the lesson we all learn in church and he promised that one of the first things he'd do when he got to Washington was find a church. He hasn't done that either and maybe that, not Fox News is the problem. He may never find a preacher as gentle and sweet-spirited as Reverend Jeremiah Wright, but we hope he can make peace with himself and then maybe he can make it with Fox News.

That's my view, I welcome yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com

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