Maxim brings the hottest female stars to FOXNews.com every Monday. Today, meet 'Harper's Island' star Cameron Richardson.

Cameron Richardson has a lot in common with her character, the flirty bridesmaid (and possible murderer) Chloe Carter on CBS’s hit miniseries Harper’s Island. They’re both free spirits. Painfully attractive. And they both have interest­ing hobbies.

For Chloe it’s a fascination with serial killers. Cameron’s hobby is ever so slightly less weird: “I’m always watching the Discovery Health Channel,” she laughs. “The baby with two heads? My life as a hermaphrodite? Those shows suck you in.”

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Born in Louisiana and raised in New Jersey , Cameron started her career as a model. “It was a struggle,” she recalls. “I was 5'7" going into New York with these Amazon women!”

A scary work ethic helped her land high-profile guest spots (“Vincent’s Coat Room Tryst” on Entourage), roles in block­busters (Alvin and the Chipmunks), and a legendary Carl’s Jr. commercial on a mechanical bull that would make Paris Hilton blush.

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Because she battled so hard to get here, Cameron has a Zen-like attitude you don’t find in many starlets.

“I’d rather just chill and let the right thing come to me than be the desperate actor,” says the surfer girl. “You can’t force it.”

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