Down & Dirty: Matthew McConaughey and Pregnant Jennifer Garner Fight Over Who Can 'Last the Longest' | Source: 'Idol' Contestants Feel Like They Live in Alcatraz | Christian Siriano Strutting Well Away From 'Project Runway'

Down & Dirty: Matthew McConaughey and Pregnant Jennifer Garner Fight Over Who Can 'Last the Longest'

Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner are known for their bangin’ bodies, but the romantic co-stars of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past took things to a whole new level when they battled it out by on-set pumping.

"They are actually both really intense hard workers and both athletes by nature," director Mark Water said at the Hollywood premiere this week. "They would actually get very competitive with each other because Matthew pumps himself up by doing push-ups before every take. Eventually Jennifer started to do push-ups too, and there was one-handed push ups, who could beat the other person? They were all pushing each other out and I was sitting there with my big belly from eating Dunkin Donuts going 'guys look we have to do a take please.'"

Garner, despite carrying baby number two in her belly, didn’t want to be out-done by her male counterpart and thus sweated it out on-set, too.

"We had to pick up a shot, when I was six months pregnant, and Matthew did push-ups all the time before to get himself pumped up," Garner explained. "We were picking up this shot one day and so he stopped down, jumped down, and started doing his push ups. I just said 'I am sick of watching you do these' so I just matched him."

However, Mr. McConaughey (who is just as famous for working out shirtless) said it was actually Garner who put the hard word on him.

"I didn't get her doing them. She got me doing them so I would hop down and do ten or so (push-ups) before a scene to just kind of break a little bit of a sweat. She would bop down and do fifteen and she started upping it every single time," he argued. "Its more mental actually than physical for when you are doing it on a daily basis when I am working. It’s just about a little physical excursion — kind of loosens up my brain and helps me be more creative."

So who won the war?

"Matthew," Water said confidently.

And even though McConaughey was pretty laid back over the battle of the sexes, when it came to finding someone to match his top-notch abs it seems that’s when the inner-diva came out.

According to the director, of the actor/Sexiest Man Alive title-holder didn’t give the green-light to any of the male models they had try-out for the part of his body-double.

"Matthew’s abs are trademarked. We had a long shot we needed a body-double for but he didn’t approve anyone," Waters told Tarts at the premiere in Hollywood on Monday. "Nobody matched up or had abs as good. I made him lift up his shirt, and I decided Matthew really does have the best."

Speaking of the best, McConaughey told Tarts that since becoming a father last year life couldn’t be better.

"I’ve got more stuff to do now, more stuff to fill the days," he said with a smile. "I’m probably having more fun because my favorite people to hang with are Levi and Levi’s mom. We totally rock, we jam."

Source: 'Idol' Contestants Feel Like They Live in Alcatraz

Could life on the famed reality show "American Idol" finally be taking its toll on the contestants? The finalists are currently residing in a gorgeous Hollywood Hills mansion where they are kept well away from the rumbles of the real world, have around-the-clock security and have strict chaperons at all times when out in public places.

"They call it Alcatraz," an inside source told Tarts. "The show is emotionally draining — then with all the extra pressures of security, it’s very tough."

Last Thursday, the remaining 'Idols' made a brief appearance at the BritWeek party held at the British Consulate’s residence, but they kept in a tight-knit group under heavy surveillance and a couple of reporters were even told off for edging too close.

But according to our snitch, crowd favorite Adam Lambert (who lives in Hollywood) has the luxury of sneaking off to his own apartment which is close by.

"He would go insane if he couldn’t get away," added our source. "He resisted going on 'Idol' for years, he thought the show was silly and didn’t want to ‘make it’ through reality television. But after years of struggling, he bit the bullet and just went for it."

Christian Siriano Strutting Well Away From "Project Runway"

Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and the couture clique from "Project Runway" may be initially responsible for winner Christian Siriano’s rise to fashion fame, but the totally fierce young designer has chosen not to lend his name to the upcoming season.

"I’m not involved in the new season which is fine. I loved 'Project Runway' and it was amazing but once you’re finished it is important to move on," Siriano told Tarts in an exclusive interview. "People associate me with the show so much, so I think it is important to get away and change."

In fact, it has been quite a challenge for the 23-year-old to make his mark in the finicky fashion industry.

"It was like straddling two different worlds — coming off the show and being popular in that sense but then trying to get support from the fashion industry and show that I have sponsors that believe in me was very hard. But slowly it is becoming okay," he said. "People are starting to understand that I am serious and I’m growing my brand. I want people to remember me for having amazing shoes and bags at Payless and having amazing clothes at Saks Fifth Avenue. That’s so much more meaningful for me personally then being remembered as the winner on ‘Project Runway.’"

Speaking of which, Siriano is designing both fall and holiday collections of shoes and bags for the financially-friendly Payless Shoes but on the other end of the spectrum, Saks has just picked up his fall line and will be selling it in their new in-store boutique established especially for up-and-coming designers. Oh, and like most celebs these days there is a book "Fierce Style: How to be Your Most Fabulous Self" in-the-works…

"It is all about being fierce and cute," Siriano added. "It’s funny and not to be taken too seriously. It is written like a magazine and I’ve got quotes from tons of celebrities I’ve dressed."

Now, that does sound like a job with benefits ...