Matt LeBlanc, 'The Restaurant' and 'Seabiscuit'

Matt LeBlanc, "The Restaurant" and "Seabiscuit" are in The Foxlight.

The New York Post says getting his own "Friends" spin-off wasn't enough for Matt LeBlanc. The actor was approached by NBC honcho Jeff Zucker a year and a half ago to do his own series when "Friends" ended, but The Post says he held out for more money and a movie deal. LeBlanc got his way; his show will be on NBC and Warner Bros., the "Friends" production company, gave him a two-movie deal. The paper and the Foxlight hope this time around in his movie career, LeBlanc won't pick a monkey or any other animals to be his co-stars.

Is anybody watching "The Restaurant?" The "star" was boldly predicted to be the most famous chef in America by Labor Day — maybe if he performs the Heimlich maneuver on J-Lo. Otherwise he's off the menu. Are we turning a corner in reality TV?

Okay, I agree with the USA Today article that says men are crying at "Seabiscuit." I mean not me — not the Foxlight — but I can understand. Tobey Maguire's character shatters his leg and the 'Biscuit looks like she's lame, but then they come back to win it all and, and, and — cough — excuse me. Yeah, I can see how other men get chocked up a little.