A man who often lost his keys died after climbing a fire escape and getting wedged in a window of his third-floor apartment, authorities said Monday.

Building manager Donald Donahoe said a neighbor saw legs dangling outside the window Sunday evening and assumed it was a prank until Monday morning. The neighbor called then, and Donahoe said he found 55-year-old Carson Corum's body and notified police.

A window air conditioner had been pushed sideways, Donahoe said. Police said Corum's body was wedged between the window and an interior wall.

Sgt. Charles Goldstrom said the death appeared to be an accident. The state medical examiner's office in Baltimore will determine the cause.

Donahoe said Corum had locked himself out at least 20 times during his three years there.

"All these other times, he's hollered up to me, 'Hey, open the door,"' Donahoe said. "I couldn't understand why he didn't do it yesterday."