Martin Lawrence, Tilda Swinton, Billy Bob Thornton, John Travolta and Ethan Hawke in the DVD glow of the Foxlight.

Maybe Martin Lawrence is funnier on a small screen. He did have a hit TV show. But now he keeps making movies I'd rather see Eddie Murphy in. The one out on video this week is Black Knight. Martin wakes up in Midievil times and teaches the kingdom how to boogie. That's the one funny scene. The rest? Well, there is going to be a Bad Boys 2 so we can hope.

A lot of people thought Tilda Swinton was going to get an Oscar nomination for The Deep End. I wasn't one of them. Not because she wasn't great as a mom who tries to cover up a murder, but because the script goes off a deep end near the end.

The Man Who Wasn't There is another one touted for Oscars especially for Billy Bob. But it didn't happen, and I know why. Despite being a Coen Brothers fan, this is the movie that wasn't there. Great cinematography doesn't make a great story.

John Travolta is living the good life until Vince Vaughn shows up and wants to create a Domestic Disturbance. The only thing disturbing is that this got made.

That leaves the cheapest movie of the lot and the best. Before Ethan Hawke rode around in a car with Denzel Washington he pulled into a Michigan motel room to make Tape with pal Robert Sean Leonard and someone he knows pretty well because she's his wife, Uma Thurman. This war of words is extremely well acted and overlooked. Now Tape is out on tape. And it's worth a play.