Martha Stewart, 'N Sync and Jay Leno are in the Foxlight.

How powerful is Martha Stewart? Well, thanks to her, there won't be a Blue Light Special on one tabloid this week at K-Mart. That's because it features an unflattering story on the cover about the unmannerly maven. She's one of the few assets the cash strapped discounters have left, and the store want to hold onto a "good thing."

Not So Boy Band, NSB2 , is just like 'N Sync, only older — so shouldn't they know better? The group, which boasts two grandfathers, is opening for 'N Sync. Why? Publicists say they're good.  However,one of them must have slept with Joey Fantone's mom to get the gig. That's right — his dad, Joe Fantone Sr., is a member of the band. What's it going to be like backstage?

Finally, Jay Leno has the best staff money can buy. Next week's People Magazine reports that big jaws dropped when Big Jaw handed out bonuses. To celebrate his tenth anniversary, over 200 employees got a thousand dollars a week for every year of service. And here's the punchline — it was all Leno's own money. He probably just sold a Bugatti.