Marine Corps Recruiter Accused of Pimping 14-Year Old Girl

A U.S. Marine Corps recruiter in Riverside County, California, is accused of pimping a 14-year old girl. Not only that, police are looking into whether he used the girl to entice possible Marine recruits.

Staff Sgt. Bryan Damone Cunningham has pleaded not guilty to seven felonies, including felony pimping and kidnapping. Police in Orange, California say they discovered the teenage girl in a car with Cunningham and two other men, ages 18 and 19, described as potential Marine recruits.

Authorities say the girl, who has since been returned to her parents, told police that she'd met Cunningham online and had sex with all three men. The two potential Marine recruits face felony charges of having sex with a minor.

Cunningham is being held on $1 million bail and has a court hearing June 18.