Maria's Mission: Managing, or Meddling?

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Maria Shriver (search) is taking a leave of absence from her job as NBC News correspondent and Dateline NBC contributing anchor while her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger runs for governor of California.

The veteran journalist and mother of four "asked for an unpaid leave during the recall campaign and they agreed to it," said NBC spokeswoman Caryn Mautner.

She made the request "after she had conversations with NBC News President Neal Shapiro," Mautner said.

The leave takes effect immediately.

Maria's mission: Managing, or meddling?

A sample of your responses:

Who better to manage your campaign than a member of America's most powerful political families, she's in the media so she can help him there, plus it sounds like he's putting together a balanced team of advisors.

Maria is a Kennedy and a Democrat.  Of course she is managing her husband.  He is no more a Republican than I am a Democrat.  The Republicans of California are going to be very disappointed if they think they will vote Republican for Arnold!

I think that Maria is just trying to do the best for her husband.  Living with a Republican for so long, she must know that there is liitle that she can do to change his views.
Ben A.
Burlingame, CA

Maria is definitely meddling.  If Maria is already whining that Arnold is being abused by the media and Arnold allows it, it's a good indicator that he can't take the heat and should get out of the kitchen.  Maria is appearing to be Hillary-like.  Who can forget Hillary’s, “When we become President…” comment?  And Maria is a Kennedy.
Evelyn S.
New York, NY

After the honeymoon, most marriages become a power struggle.  Slowly, each has their own ideas how things should transpire.  It's not meddling, it's marriage.
Dave D.
Long Beach, CA

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