Man with a Plan?

And now the most captivating two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Who's Sorry Now?

A member of the Canadian parliament, speaking to reporters about Canada's current diplomatic effort on Iraq, said, "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards." Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish then laughed as she walked away. She was clearly heard by a reporter for Canada's CBC News, which broke the story.

Parrish is now apologizing for what she said was a remark in the heat of the moment.

"My comments," she said, "do not reflect my personal opinion of the American people and they certainly do not reflect the views of the government of Canada."

Last year, Prime Minster Chretien's press secretary was forced to resign after publicly calling President Bush a moron.

Man with a Plan?

Deepak Chopra, the doctor, author and holistic hearing guru, has a plan to head off war with Iraq.

He proposes that he, the pope and the Dalai Lama all go to Iraq to act as human shields. This, he says, would be the way to both avoid war and get rid of Saddam Hussein.

"If we bombed Baghdad and thousands of children died," Chopra said, "most people would be unaffected. But if the Pope was there we wouldn't do it."

Chopra said he hoped that the three spiritual leaders would be joined in Iraq by heads of state and tens of thousands of people from around the world, who could then achieve the, "total disarming of Saddam Hussein."

He did not explain how that would work, but said Saddam should be given, "asylum and a safe haven."

American People Aware of France's Conduct

The new FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll suggests the American people have noticed the recent conduct of France on Iraq and don't like it a bit.

Only 38 percent of those questioned now consider France a friend of the US, putting that country last on a list that includes, Britain, Israel, Turkey, Germany and Egypt.

And the poll found that 47 percent now think France is not a friend of the U.S. putting her second in that category in a group including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Germany, Egypt and Turkey.