Last week he landed a plane on water.

This week you'd almost think he could walk on it.

Because Sully is here.

You heard me right. The captain is in the Capitol.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the hero pilot of that US Airways jet, jetted here as a special guest of President-elect Barack Obama.

That, my friends, is clout. And I suspect, Sully ain't done.

If I were the president-elect, I might consider making the captain a czar.

Put him in charge of this whole financial mess — fixing these banks, stabilizing brokerage houses. The whole sorted mess.

Make it Sully's mess..

After all, who knows better than to get us out from under water than a man who literally flew on top of it?

That's the guy you want on top of this.

And far as I know, the captain didn't forget to pay any taxes for any year, let alone a bunch of years.

I'll just leave that at that.

What's more, the captain doesn't say much.

His only message to frightened passengers last week before hitting the Hudson: "Brace for impact."

An understatement, but an effective one.

If I were sully, I'd even patent it.

When shaking up the banks, just say, "brace for impact."

When Congress whines about how long this will all take, "brace for impact."

And when everyone frets about the cost, you got it, "brace for impact."

You see, captain, because you're a man of few words, you needn't hold press conferences, because frankly you couldn't be bothered.

And you wouldn't have to reverse a position, because you never stated a position.

All you said was, "brace for impact." So let the carping media second-guess you.

Just ask any one of them if they had ever landed a plane loaded with anxious passengers and completely without power and engines on water and lived to tell about it.

You know the answer.

Which is why not a one of them will ask a nasty question.

After all, you're the new czar, whose first official act, no doubt, will be dropping the title "czar," because it's so, I don't know, pre-flight.

No, you're the captain.

And if Barack Obama's smart, soon Captain Credit.

I'm speechless, probably because you are too.

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