Man Shows Up a Year Early For His Friend's Wedding

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Flying home for a friend’s wedding seems quite normal. Arriving a year early is not! Dave Barclay flew 4,000 miles from Canada to Wales to attend the friend’s wedding. Now, everyone he knows is having a big laugh over the whole incident. Barclay says he received an e-mail from the groom-to-be in January telling him that he was getting married on July 6, with no year included. Barclay just assumed it was 2007, but boy was he wrong!

We probably all know someone with smelly feet. But has the smell been so bad you thought the person was dead? Police in Berlin were called to a darkened apartment after receiving complaints from neighbors of a nasty smell. Police expected to find a dead body, but instead they found a sleeping man with very smelly feet and a pile of foul-smelling laundry.

And speaking of cleanliness…if you work at a hospital, washing your hands before seeing a patient is a standard procedure. Well, hospital officials in Malaysia found out that 40 percent of their staff members didn’t wash their hands before seeing patients in the intensive care unit! The key to getting them to start washing wasn’t warning them about the risks of the patient’s health, but instead they were more scared by the details of their own health.

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