A man dressed in a camouflage jacket walked into a manufacturing plant early Monday and fatally shot a former co-worker before apparently turning the gun on himself.

Police found the body of Shadow Yang, 40, in the north end of the plant, police Lt. Michael Williams said. He appeared to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot, he said.

Police did not identify the woman killed earlier in what appeared to be a murder-suicide.

About 100 to 150 workers quickly evacuated the Rockline Industries building after the early morning shooting. Rockline executives told first shift employees not to report to work as about 20 tactical team officers searched the block-long building for the gunman.

Kirk Engholt, vice president of human resources, told the Sheboygan Press that Yang and the victim worked in the same area in the south end of the plant until he quit his job six months ago.

Yang had worked at Rockline as a materials handler for about five years, while the victim was an assembly line worker in the coffee filter division, Engholt said. She had worked there eight to 10 years, he said.

It appeared the shooting took place in the coffee filter area, Engholt said. Yang shot the victim in the stomach and then, when she tried to get away, shot her in the head, he said.

It was not clear how many employees, if any, witnessed the shooting.

Johnston said Yang and the victim were not married, nor were they boyfriend and girlfriend.

About 45 minutes before the 4:30 a.m. shooting, firefighters were called to a fire at Yang's duplex apartment, Williams said.

Family owned Rockline is considered the largest supplier of coffee filters and baby wipes in North America, according to the company's Web site. The company, which also makes items such as coffee stir sticks and baking cups, does business in more than 50 countries and has more than 1,800 employees worldwide.