A man pleaded guilty Wednesday to ransacking the apartment of a newlywed Marine reservist killed in Iraq (search), breaking in while his widow was with family members planning the soldier's funeral.

Prosecutors said Kevin Selvoski, 24, and an alleged accomplice stole a computer and video games to buy heroin (search).

"You have an individual who paid the ultimate price for his country and they gave him a slap in the face by robbing him and his widow," said prosecutor Robert Sander.

Prosecutors said Selvoski had called the widow of Cpl. John Todd, 25, and expressed his condolences.

Selvoski, who also faces prison time for probation violations, pleaded guilty to burglary, criminal conspiracy and possession of heroin; under a plea deal, he has agreed to testify against his alleged accomplice. No sentencing date was set.

Todd's widow, Colleen, and his parents were at the hearing along with two uniformed Marines.

"I'd like to see both of them go away for an extremely long time," said Gunnery Sgt. Johnnie Walker, a public affairs officer. Family members declined to comment.

Todd was killed July 29 by a roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad (search); he was serving his second deployment to Iraq.