A man who allegedly threatened to kill "Forrest Gump" actor Mykelti Williamson in a road-rage incident pleaded guilty to possessing a loaded gun.

Ernesto Diaz, 24, of Harbor City, entered a plea Tuesday in Superior Court. He faces up to 16 months in state prison when he is sentenced on Jan. 13.

Williamson, 45, played the shrimp-loving soldier Bubba in "Forrest Gump." According to a police report, his car may have cut off Diaz's sport utility vehicle on a Gardena street on May 3.

Diaz began to "aggressively tailgate" Williamson and flash gang hand signs, the report said.

When Williamson pulled over to let him pass, Diaz instead parked in front of his car, got out, pointed a .357 magnum revolver at Williamson and threatened to kill him, police reported.

Williamson drove away but Diaz reportedly followed in his own car, pointing his gun and yelling obscenities.

The actor wrote down Diaz's license plate number and dialed 911. Diaz, who had driven away, was arrested a short time later, police said.

Under a plea bargain, four other counts against Diaz, including assault with a firearm and making criminal threats, were expected to be dismissed.

Diaz's attorney, Richard A. Leonard, characterized the incident as a "mutual combat" confrontation stemming from road rage.